A Super "neXus" Generation Website Engine for your Domain.

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SuperDom is a Web-Portal Engine.

Unlike other Content management systems, billboards, blogs, shops, what-have-you; SuperDom is all of that and none of that, all at the same time! As of June 2014, currently undergoing RC release, SDX comes packed with features for devs at the bare bone level. Fork yours Today!


SDX is capable of being eXtended whereas developers don't have to checkout the full repo to contribute their modifications. PHP classes we call Xtras attach easily to SDX with a breeze.

SDX: Carbon

Carbon is a 'bare-bones' version of SDX. Stripped down to the basic components to act as a launchpad for any web project.

SDX: Nitrogen

Nitrogen comes packed with a bit of boosted Nitro Power. Aimed for Web Masters who want a boost to start simple sites.

SDX: Oxygen

SDX: Oxygen is a breath of fresh air such as the name implies. Oxygen focuses on all the great things we've come to love about the cloud

SDX: Copper

Copper is the The 1st Tier of the Commercial version of SDX. Allowing for easy shop deployment for the FREE user.

SDX: Silver

Silver is equipped to handle any number of items for shop owners. Free for Individuals & Non-Profits, Licences available for Businesses.

SDX: Golden Goose Egg

SDX Golden Goose Egg aims to fulfill` the age old fantasy of the Golden Goose that laid a golden egg everyday; Which was rich enough to feed both the farmer, his family and give him golden shells to barter with. SDX: GGE provides families with a tool that can deliver just that!

SDX: Emerald

SDX "Emerald City". Use SDX to brand into a whole web service, offering everything out of the Magic Hat with premium support service!

SDX: Mercury

Mercury, the God of Intellect and Communications, SDX: Mercury aims for the stars to go up and beyond what we commonly know as reality. Traveling deep into realms of consciousness, Mercury pulls forth all the great ideas that come from the future.

Authors and Contributors

In 2007, Xopher Dee P. (@xopherdeep) founded an idea that needed a very powerful & robust engine and thus set out on the 7 year long journey to build SuperDom. SDX focus has been bleeding edge since before the days of HTML5. Since its conception, "Web Langauges are the future." has been the mantra. Become a part of the community - SuperDom

Support or Contact

Having trouble? Check out the wiki at https://github.com/XenGenie/SuperDom/wiki or contact support@superdomx.com and we’ll help you sort it out.